Elder Study Classroom and Parking Information, etc.

Our Normal Class Location is Listed as “CLL” in the Schedules

This refers to the University of Mary Washington’s Center for Lifelong Learning, at the UMW Stafford Campus, South Building, Room 210; see below.

Directions to the University of Mary Washington’s Stafford Campus

The Stafford Campus is off of U. S. Route 17 North in Stafford County.

If using Interstate 95, take Exit 133 towards Warrenton (north).

Coming from Falmouth / Fredericksburg, go three miles past the I–95 interchange on Route 17.  Pass Geico and pass the light at Cardinal Forest Drive.  At the next light (at Walmart), turn left onto Village Parkway (stay in the rightmost left-turn lane).

You will see the campus buildings.  Drive past the buildings and take the first right onto University Boulevard.  Then, DO NOT take the first two right service roads; continue to the parking lot.  Our classroom is in the building on the right, with the flagpoles (the South Building).

Enter the building and go straight ahead to the stairway or the elevator.  Our classroom is on the second floor, just beside the elevator (Room 210).

The street / GPS address is 121 University Boulevard, Fredericksburg, Virginia, 22406.

Click HERE to see some photos of the location.

For information on luncheon choices near the Stafford Campus, click HERE.

UMW Stafford Campus Library

The library for the UMW Stafford Campus is the glass-walled area across the hall from the CLL (at the top of the staircase).

Klein Theatre

Klein Theatre is located in DuPont Hall, which is on College Avenue between Powhatan and Thornton Streets.  It is building 17 on the PDF map of the Fredericksburg Campus (see Maps below).

Ridderhof Martin Gallery

The gallery is located on College Avenue between Thornton Street and Seacobeck Street.  It is building 7 on the PDF map of the Campus (see Maps below).  The entrance is on the side away from College Avenue.  Most of our gallery tours meet here first, then later go to the DuPont Gallery, which is just next door (to the right in the photo).

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Luncheon Near the Stafford Campus

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Luncheon on the Fredericksburg Campus

The public may dine in the restaurants at the Top of the UC (fourth floor of the University Center) whenever they are open for service.  The University Center is on College Avenue at Parcell Street, building 51 on the PDF map of the Campus (see Maps below).  We can also use the Faculty Dining Room in the Maple Salon, also on the fourth floor.  There will be a buffet set up in the room, and we can also get food from any of the stations at the Top of the UC.  The Maple Salon is not very large, so if we come as a group we may need to sit in the general dining hall.  In either space, ElderStudy members get the reduced faculty rate of $7.80 (tax included).  Wear your badge to help ensure that you get this discount.  The cost is $10.80 including the tax for the general public, so we’re getting a nice discount for these lunches.  Try to enter at the cashier’s line at the right when you exit the elevator (Pat’s station).  Our dining hall contact is Leslie Jacobs, 654–1931; contact her in advance if you are arranging a group luncheon.  [Info last confirmed 8/2017.]

Fredericksburg Campus Parking

Parking in on-campus lots and on College Avenue is not easy to find.  Parking on certain residential streets near College Avenue is restricted to residents; please check carefully, or you may get a ticket.  Many members park on Augustine Avenue, which is one block over from College Avenue and is legal.

Another option is the UMW Parking Deck.  From Route 1, take Alvey Drive, which is just down the hill from the pedestrian bridge and just up the hill from the Hospital stoplight.  You enter the deck on the top level, which is visitor parking (we are visitors).  Walk off the end away from Route 1, and if you don’t know the way, ask a student.  This is a reasonable place to park for Gallery Tours and Play Discussions, but there is an uphill stretch to walk.

Members with DMV-issued handicapped parking license plates or hang tags may park in the University’s designated handicapped spaces (but they are often already taken).  The locations of the handicapped spaces are indicated on the PDF campus map (see below).

Any ElderStudy member may also request a UMW parking pass that allows them to park in any available faculty/staff parking space.  Requests for such a pass, which is good for six months, must be made to the UMW Parking Management Office in the basement of Lee Hall.

Public parking is not permitted on streets perpendicular to College Avenue which have “Resident Permit Parking Only” signs.  The restriction applies only to the block closest to College Avenue.  These streets are: Thornton, Seacobeck, Rowe, Parcell, Payne, and Brent.  Other streets near the University have “No UMW Student Parking” signs.  This applies to registered students at the University – not ElderStudy members.

Public parking is also allowed along College Avenue from William Street to Route 1, but is rarely available during times when ElderStudy programs are held.

Special Parking for Play Discussions

Thanks to Gregg Stull (Chair, Department of Theatre and Dance), parking for play discussions in the Klein Theatre may be available in the faculty parking lot (Lot 29) directly across the street from DuPont Hall / Klein Theatre.  Signs should be posted at the lot entrance on Thornton Street noting that the parking lot is Reserved for ElderStudy from 9am to 1pm.  Since policies can change, be sure to observe that the ElderStudy sign is in place at the entrance.


A PDF map of the University of Mary Washington Fredericksburg campus can be found on the UMW web site (Click HERE to view it).  This map can be magnified to see more detail, and you can print it out.  You may need to have the Adobe Reader installed to view this PDF file.  Click HERE for information on viewing and printing PDF files.


Some tours require advance registration, and some have an attendance limit.  If you sign up for a tour but cannot attend, please notify the sponsor so she can try to accommodate someone on a waiting list.  Attendees are responsible for transportation to the tour site; please make sure that you understand any instructions, and give yourself plenty of time.

Some tours outside of Fredericksburg may encourage carpooling.  One usual carpool forming area is the parking lot of the Greenbrier Shopping Center on Route 3; meet near Altoona Drive.  Another carpool forming area is the UMW Stafford Campus parking lot.  Check the tour’s description to see if, when, and where carpools may form.

End of Year Potluck Luncheon Location

The Spring Potluck Luncheon will be held at Spotswood Baptist Church, 4009 Lafayette Boulevard, Fredericksburg, 22408.  Park as near as you can to the playground at the right side/back of the building and go in the door at the inside corner of the playground, towards the steeple.  See the pictures below.