Frequently Asked Questions about the Elder Study Curriculum Webpages

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What Are the Features of the Monthly Calendars?

For each day of the month, the calendar shows the ElderStudy sessions, if any, occurring on that day.  The titles of the sessions are shown.  If you click on a title, a small event window opens up, showing more information for that session.

The titles have a red background if any change has been made to the session (cancelled, rescheduled, etc.).  If you have “highlighted” a session (see the next topic below), then the title is prefixed by a checkmark, and the day’s background is colored light green.

If a day has more than one session, their titles are separated with a blue stripe.  If there is an afternoon session but no morning session, the text (no morning session) is displayed.  [ Note that a day can have more than two sessions displayed; one or more of these will be sessions that have been cancelled or rescheduled. ]

The event window includes a map icon which should display a map of the session’s location when you click on it.  Click anywhere on the calendar page (except on an icon), and the event window will disappear.  You can move an event window to a different location on the page if you put the mouse cursor on the top margin of the event window and drag (this does not work on mobile devices).

If any change has been made to the session, its event window contains an explanation of the change; this has a red background.

To go to the next month, or to the previous month, click on the corresponding arrow next to the month name at the top of the calendar.

How Can I Use Checkmarks to Highlight Sessions of Interest to Me?

Sessions can be given checkmarks so that they are highlighted on this website’s monthly calendars and on the pages showing All Sessions and Sessions in the Next Two Weeks. The Curriculum menu page shows when your next highlighted session will occur, and has a link to a page which shows all of your upcoming highlighted sessions (if you have more than one).

To add or remove a checkmark from a session, look for the checkmark icon in a session’s description.  Click once to highlight the session; click again to un-highlight it.

In the calendars, days with highlighted sessions have a light green background.  In the pages which show lists of sessions, highlighted sessions have a light green background.  Titles of highlighted sessions are always prefixed with a checkmark.

This feature does not use browser cookies (it uses “HTML localStorage”), but if you disable cookies, your highlights will not be remembered.

Highlights will be remembered only on that computer where you add the checkmark (and only on that browser, if you use more than one browser).

If you want to remove all of your current highlights, click  HERE  [ WARNING—you cannot undo this ].

How Should I Email Alan Zirkle?

Please use only the address when emailing Alan Zirkle.  He uses a different address when he sends bulk messages to ElderStudy members.  The other address is on EarthLink; please do not use that address.  Please identify yourself in the body of the message, and use a descriptive “subject” line.

What Is An iCalendar File?

ElderStudy’s iCalendar file can be imported into calendar apps on smartphones, tablets, and computers.  It contains the schedule for the current semester; it is kept current when changes occur.  Many people use this with Google Calendar.  I do not have any information on how to import this file into your calendar app.

How Can I View or Print the PDF Schedule and Other PDF Files?

Some web browsers can display PDF files without additional help.  Otherwise, you may need to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe’s website.  Click HERE to get it.

To correctly print a PDF file, don’t use the web browser’s PRINT command or icon.  Use the PDF Reader’s PRINT command or icon.  You will usually see a miniature preview of the printed page; make sure that this looks reasonable before printing the document.

You can usually select whether to print in black-and-white or color; using the former can be more economical, and the results may be easier to read than if printed in color.

Where Can I Find Information on Classrooms, Parking, Lunch, Tours, etc.?

Click HERE to view the webpage which contains that information.

What Is ElderStudy’s Session Cancellation Policy?

That is confidential information, but you seem like someone who can be trusted, so click HERE to see the policy.