Frequently Asked Questions about the Elder Study Curriculum Webpages

(Updated ... )

How Can I View or Print the PDF Schedule and Other PDF Files?

Some web browsers can display PDF files without additional help.  Otherwise, you may need to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe’s website.  Click HERE to get it.

To correctly print a PDF file, don’t use the web browser’s PRINT command or icon.  Use the PDF Reader’s PRINT command or icon.  You will usually see a miniature preview of the printed page; make sure that this looks reasonable before printing the document.

You can usually select whether to print in black-and-white or color; using the former can be more economical, and the results may be easier to read than if printed in color.

Where Can I Find Information on Classrooms, Parking, Lunch, Tours, etc.?

Click HERE to view the webpage which contains that information.

What Is ElderStudy’s Session Cancellation Policy?

That is confidential information, but you seem like someone who can be trusted, so click HERE to see the policy.